Andrea Duchene, BHH™ Group Coaching

To be honest, I really didn’t know what to expect. Here I am now, artificial sweetener free. I have two hands that have beautiful long, healthy nails and I’m back in the saddle fitness wise.

A couple of things surprised me. That I could do it! And sometimes a setback is an incentive to get back on track without beating the crap out of myself.

My main motivator was my illness last year; the fact that I was not making the best choices for my medical condition or the general well-being of my body.

This process really forces you to be honest with yourself. I have many other aspects of my life both personally and professionally that I would see this applicable to.

It takes commitment but in the end you are better for it like most things in life. It was nice to belong to something; meeting like-minded individuals, knowing that I am not alone, that everyone has personal struggles with different reasons.

Country WIFI and the 5:30 time slot were really difficult for me. Probably should have made plans to stay late at work and packed a dinner like I suggested at one point. Lessons learned!

Thank you. It was a great experience!


The Queen Elizabeth
Health Complex

211-2100, Marlowe
Montreal (QC) H4A 3L5
(by appointment only)