Betty deNys, BHH™ Group Coaching

Oh, life is too busy for me to take care of myself! But,I want to be fit for my 60th! That was my situation when the opportunity of taking part in “Building Healthy Habits” crossed the screen of my computer.

It was a perfect fit; just an hour a week, taped webinars in case I had a conflict, self-review tasks that could be done at my scheduling and best of all a small community of support at my fingertips.

I was thinking would this type of format really be effective? To my surprise, I really gained good information, support and new healthy habits.

The understanding on how to review current habits, choose a new habit and how to best implement it was the most valuable for me.

“Would I join another “Building Healthy Habits” web session? Absolutely yes; I am on my way to being fit by 60!!!


The Queen Elizabeth
Health Complex

211-2100, Marlowe
Montreal (QC) H4A 3L5
(by appointment only)