Elly McLarty, BHH™ Group Coaching

How do you eat an elephant? You start by taking this course.

Change is hard and Christina acknowledges this. She’s genuine, educated, and compassionate.

After taking this offering, I am more conscious of my choices. I am down a few pounds and getting more physical activity. Doesn’t seem like a huge deal yet, but I know it will be if I stick with it!

Christina teaches you how to break big dreams into small, realistic, attainable goals, one at a time.

If you’re looking for positive changes in your lifestyle Christina can teach you how to do it in a lasting way, and you’ll have a built-in support system to cheer you on with your success, and share in your setbacks.

I’m doing this course with her again!


The Queen Elizabeth
Health Complex

211-2100, Marlowe
Montreal (QC) H4A 3L5
(by appointment only)