Rick Kucera, 1 - 1 Personal Coaching

Improved cardio and core strength combined with a renewed ability to self-assess and focus on priorities such as family and work.

My main motivation was my personal health and my family. I was focused on improving both my physical and emotional well-being.

I was surprised how easy it was to focus on my goals with the assistance of a quality and trusted coach. I achieved the goals most important to me in a reasonably short period of time (3 – 4 months), and from the comfort of my own home.

I thoroughly enjoyed the entire process including the variety of means of communication that we used to connect and progress.

Getting started after having to modify my activities and deal with some personal loss issues over the past several years. There is real value in the coaching I received whether it is on an ongoing or an as needed basis.


The Queen Elizabeth
Health Complex

211-2100, Marlowe
Montreal (QC) H4A 3L5
(by appointment only)