Whitney McGregor, BHH™ Group Coaching

The biggest accomplishment for me was reflecting on my nutritional goals. We typically plan 4 meals per week with a focus on a vegetarian protein. This has almost turned into a habit.

Realizing my goal of setting aside “me time” each week was huge and has energized me and had a positive impact on family life.

I have been going out at least one night per week with friends or by myself. My husband and mother in law have been huge supporters of this which has been amazing for me.

My fitness goal has been the biggest challenge. I have not been able to attend any group fitness classes yet due to injury so I have been consistently walking.

Building Healthy Habits could not have come at a better time.

Life is very busy with my 10 year old twin boys and 8 month old baby. I was ready to make some necessary changes to make things a little less chaotic in my household.

I was really excited to set aside an hour each week to honestly reflect on my own personal habits and the impact of these habits on my family.

The relaxation/meditation/visualization at the beginning of each week was peaceful and allowed me time to decompress and gear up for reflection and discussion.

I enjoyed hearing honest feedback and encouragement from others.

This program is certainly well suited to any busy mom looking to move their health goals from aspiration to habit.


The Queen Elizabeth
Health Complex

211-2100, Marlowe
Montreal (QC) H4A 3L5
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