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September 20, 2020

Change Is Hard

Building Healthy Habits Wellness Program

Makes It Easier


Frequently Asked Questions

The BHH™ wellness program is a comprehensive, coordinated and multidisciplinary approach to change management.  

In this intensive 8 week experience, you’ll learn the theory behind habits as well as the strategies involved in making and breaking them successfully and with greater ease.  

More importantly, you’ll put that theory into real time practice as you build a healthy habit of your very own.   

BHH™ walks you through the step by step process of habit change.  Identify what habit to focus on first.  Develop your plan.  Put it into practice.  Monitor your progress deal with setbacks and make adjustments.

Access expert guidance by connecting with your coach each week on the LIVE Group Coaching Calls. 

Connect, give and receive mutual support and celebrate successes with your fellow Healthy Habit Builders in the Private Facebook Group.   

Plan on investing a minimum of 1.5 hours spread throughout each week to fully benefit from your habit building experience.

You choose what habits to work on. 

We’re all at different places on our wellness journey and only you can decide what makes the most sense right now. 

BHH™ takes you through the process of identifying and ultimately choosing what habit to focus on first.

No problem! The live coaching sessions are recorded, so you can listen when you have time.

You’ll still be able to get personal coaching advise too!

Each week, before the call, Healthy Habit Builders are invited to submit questions, comments or concerns regarding their habit. 

Submissions received by the deadline are answered first on the call.  If time permits, Christina opens the call for additional discussion.  

Whether you have a question or not, the call is a vital way to connect and benefit from one other’s experience.   

The calls help crystallize how to fully apply the strategies to your habit.

YES!  Participants consistently report the benefits of the BHH™ wellness program and how it has helped them in making real, meaningful changes to their lifestyles.

Feedback also indicates an increased understanding of strategies on how to manage change and confidence in their ability to maintain those changes and go on to make more. 

Online training offers many advantages. 

It saves time.  You don’t have to travel to get to class or to meet your coach and fellow Healthy Habits Builders.  Everything is available to you online, from anywhere.

It saves money.  You have access to personalized wellness coaching without the high price of 1 on 1.  

It’s convenient.  Access the lessons from anywhere there’s a high-speed internet connection.  The live coaching calls are easy to connect to and if you can’t make it, they’re taped so you can watch when you have the time.  Participants have attended from work, home, hotel rooms, coffee shops, pool side and even mid-flight!

You have support.  You’re not alone.  Weekly access to your very own wellness coach and if you choose, with your fellow Healthy Habit Builders via the BONUS private Facebook page. Here you’ll connect with others who are all working on building healthier habits together.  (Note:  Although Christina does monitor and participate in the FB group, coaching is specifically reserved for the calls.) 

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